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Originally Posted by Bardof425 View Post
He played 71 games that year. It's also clear to anyone who watches him that he is a 4th liner who if used correctly will get 4th line ES minutes and likely not get even 20 points. When you watch Halpern do you see a guy who has deteriorated? I don't. So, by that logic we should throw out Boyle's 35 point season as an anomoly as well because it is fairly apparent we won't see that again.
He's two years removed from that and had a 26 point campaign last season. Halpern hasn't scored over 20 since 2008.

Huge difference. Again, you didn't answer my question, did you honestly follow Halpern that much last season. Do you know that he was certainly playing 4th line duties all game? Are you sure all his 16 points were spread out over the season?

How about the 26 points he had the season before? What were his duties on that Montreal team? Was he strictly 4th line? Did he play the penalty kill or get any power play time? Are you sure he didn't have a hot 2 months like Boyle last year? If so, were those hot two months down the stretch like boyles, or were they at the beginning of the season when the pressure isn't as heavy?

You complain about people not making arguments, but now i'm waiting for yours. You choose to pick certain points to argue, but ignore ones i'm presenting. You can't ignore this one, i'd like some answers. Because you continuously whine about boyle only producing for a certain period of time and i haven't followed halpern his entire career, so i can't say that his points came at clutch times or in separate games.

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