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02-12-2013, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
I know this isn't directed at me, but I'll chime in anyways. I think he should stay at North Dakota next year for a few reasons. Firstly, I think it'd do him some good to be a senior and (hopefully) dominate the college ranks. He's gotten better every year, and it does a prospect a lot of good sometimes to just be the elite guy in the team/league for a year. Great confidence booster and odds are he'll be the number one D-man and go to guy on the blueline, which is huge.

Secondly, next year we have what could be a crowded blueline in Manchester. Odds are Deslauriers and Kotomatis will be back, as could Campbell. Colin Miller will also be graduating and so could Alex Roach (I'm not sure if he has another year left or not in junior). Given that that could be a very young blueline, you got to figure the Kings will bring back a guy like Bodnarchuk or another veteran presence rather than role with three pro rookies. If they do decide to roll with another rookie, I think Kevin Gravel would make a better pro ready option that Forbort personally as I think he'd benefit better from going pro than Forbort next year.
Wow, tons to agree with here.

I am waiting to hear back from his coach before I post my last three weeks in ND (and MN) watching NCAA prospects but I will say here that Gravel looks like he might just be a true stud SAH NHL dman in short time.

I could see him make the jump with little time in MCH. I think the only real challenges that KG will face in making the jump to the NHL will be speed of game (every kid goes through that) and developing a bit more O reaction time.

Other than that every time I see him play (I only watched him play in two games in person during this trip but have been following him on tape) I keep getting more and more excited with his decision making and smart stay at home play. To put it short (shocking from me) the kid is nails and does everything so well that at times he looks to be NHL ready today.

He may be two seasons away but I like this kids chances of making the jump.

I hadn't considered at all what we are going to look like in MCH so great points there. Roach is easily ready to make the jump to MCH and I think he will be a priority spot for the Monarchs next season. I haven't spent enough time watching Miller, what I have seen looks good but I really can't give an informed opinion.

I have heard all season long from lots of people that Bodnarchuk is a kind of coveted kid. I like his game but coveted? I think he plays a similar game to so many kids that I haven't seen him as being anything too special but I felt the same way about Peter Harrold and say what we want about him he has had a very successful NHL career. He just keeps sticking around.

It is going to be an interesting off season for our kid D prospects (if we don't have every one of them in the NHL covering for an injured player by then). Nice problem to have.

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