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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
I have to admit, I'm not sold on Morrisey or Pulock from the WHL. I've watched a ton of tape on the two of them and the one thing that really stands out to me with regards to Morrisey and Pulock is that there is raw skill, but they require A LOT of polish to get to the next level. They're puck moving skills are elite, no doubt about that. But their defensive play and decision making requires work. In the case of Pulock, he was a recent transition to defense (he was originally a forward), so there's still that learning curve ahead of him. As for Morrisey, he plays bigger than what he really is and he's really going to need to learn how to pick his spots or he's going to get seriously hurt. Once again, just my own view on what I've seen from both guys.

I really think that the guy to watch (outside of Seth Jones, obviously) is Rasmus Ristolainen. I really don't know who to compare him to, other than he's probably the smartest defenseman in Finland right now. He just always makes the right play and he looks so cool and calm back there. Of course, in order to land Ristolainen, the Flyers would need to be out of the playoffs because he's going to easily be a top 10 pick.

In the second round, a couple of players to watch for. Robert Hagg is another European defenseman to watch out for. Big, mobile, not afraid to use his body and excellent puck moving skills. Ian McCoshen is also another guy to watch for in the second round. Another big kid who has excellent mobility and can really move the puck. The one sleeper to watch out for is Matt Murphy of the Halifax Mooseheads. He's a very steady defensive defenseman. However, he has quite a bit of untapped offensive potential. He has 27 points on the year, but 26 of those are assists. Another guy who is a really smart player and is very active in his own end.

If the Flyers do decide to go with a forward, I'd want Drouin. I know that the Mackinnon people are going to hate me and spit fire and venom at me for saying this, but I really think Drouin has a better skill set than Mackinnon. If you start from the second half of last season right up to now, Drouin has been the better player of the two. He just seems to take every opportunity he gets and runs with it and does something special. He might not be the two way player that Mackinnon is, but offensively, he's the better player of the two. It's scary to think how good he could be.

If the Flyers are looking at another winger, I would love to see Valery Nichushkin in the Orange and Black. A big kid who is incredibly fast and has goal scorer's hands. The only drawback to him is that he plays in one of the lower leagues in Russia (which is really hard to find tape for him), but his showing at the Russian/CHL Subway Super Series and World Junior Tournament have left very little doubt that he can't be a top player here. Rocket of a shot and he's not afraid to be a little selfish in terms of firing off shots. I think the one thing that really hurts Nichushkin though is that he turned down the import draft and that he wasn't going to come to North America to play in one of the junior leagues. That's too bad because he really would have benefit from playing over here. With that being said, even if he goes to the KHL for a couple of years, by the time he comes to Philadelphia, he'd more than likely end up playing on the wing of Giroux and they could really make a dynamic combo.
From someone who knows little of prospects other than what is readily available on the net, I always appreciate your POVs, BCF16. If the Flyers are in a position to choose between Mackinnon or Drouin, I'll be thrilled with either ... assuming I have recovered mentally from the train wreck of a season that would have brought the franchise there, of course. Giroux Drouin would be something to watch (getting ahead of myself), but Mackinnon would look great in this line-up, too.

For the D, your caveat about raw skill needing refining is important, as the Flyers don't have history on their side for developing defensemen and I don't believe Adirondack is conducive to doing so at present. Ideally, the Flyers come out of this season (ie, trade) and the draft with 2 high-end defenders, at least one of whom excels offensively. A D corps on the farm of the players below would start to set aright the ship of prospects:

XXXXXXX (via trade) Gustafsson
XXXXXXX (via draft) Manning
Gostisbehere Lauridsen

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