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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Semin gets the classic russian attitude rep. Yet you're still talking about a guy that can get 1pt/gp, possibly hit 40G. Those insiders get their info from the same guys that whined to the media, it's not like it's the opinion of 40 different people, it's all based off from the same guy, Matt Bradley, that sounded more bitter than anything else. He also criticized Boudreau by saying he was giving the star players too much ice time, to which Boudreau replied ''Oh yeah?..well that's his opinion''.
In a nutshell, Bradley says that he's disappointed by Semin because he feel he has the talent to be the best player in the league but apparently doesn't care to become one. And again, this is just an opinion. So he's just pissed off because he feels Semin could have given more during a PO run. Boo hoo. The media ran on this.
Oh yea, they also made a huge thing out of Ovi and Semin talking to Kovalchuk (their friend) after a loss. Ya, because God forbid those young guys share a laugh with a friend after a loss..I mean, they should be in the room crying!

Please man, ridiculous.

And why is he not the right piece until the ''ship is righted''?? With all the leaders we have in our room, why wouldn't he be a good piece?? Why would he be a right piece for Carolina but not us??? I don't get it. Makes no sense at all.

As for Armstrong, no I'm not underrating him. He doesn't bring anything any other bottom liner couldn't bring. Darche brought more than him. Armstrong hasn't hurt our team, but he hasn't helped it either. He's useless.
There are people with a lot more history and credibility that called out Semin. You can't isolate it to one player and disect it, the real "insiders" have said that SEmin shows up when he wants and winning is not a big priority for him.

You can't paint all Russians with the same brush, because no 2 of them are the same.

When have I ever said he was the right piece for Carolina? He would be the right piece for Detroit if he was willing to take less money, but he wouldn't.

How is Armstrong useless? He is responsible defensively, shows up every night and kills penalities. He can chip in offense but he's been snakebitten so far(numerous very good cahnces and breakaways with nothing yet to show).

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