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02-12-2013, 12:27 PM
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I've made a conscience decision that I will only buy 1 ticket for a game per season, I also get a ticket to a game for Christmas (it was delayed this season), and I take my nephew every year. The decision is, I will do my damnest to NOT support a Wang owned team financially. That is, until he is willing to put the money he is making on the team (don't believe his hype, he IS making money), back into the product. If he does that, then I will go to more games per season and buy more tickets.

That being said, I have been a fan since 1975, and a true fanatic since 1977. The Islanders are my team, and I will root for them until I die, I will support the players, but not the owner. I still find some enjoyment watching them on TV, win or loss, I feel honored to watch Tavares every game, that's how highly I feel about him and his talent, I feel we are watching the beginning of greatness every time he steps on the ice. And I respect the way he plays the game, the way he gives his heart and soul. Plus the incredible talent he has is there for everyone to see.

I am an optimist, I feel the Islanders have built up the prospect pool to a very exciting level. Not only am I a hockey fan, I am an NHL Draft and prospects fan (reason why I found this sight), and I can't ever remember the Isles having this many exciting prospects that I feel will help this team turn it around. That being said, Wang/Snow have to prove to us Islander's fans that they are willing to spend, and add quality Free Agents to the prospect pool. Until they do that, my optimism will stay at an even keel, or even below that. They can only prove this by going past the cap floor the next few season, not stay on the floor. Time will tell.

I'm a Patriot's fan when it comes to football, been a Patriot's fan since 1975, and have seen abysmal ownership and coaching for many years, went through at least two 1-15 season, yet my zeal as a fan never wavered. Once the Pats found themselves a great owner in 1994 (Bob Kraft), the atmosphere surrounding the team changed big time. He cared about the team, and wanted to win. Under his leadership, The Pats have won 3 Super Bowls, been to 6 Super Bowls since 1994, 8 AFC Championship Games, and have won the AFC East Champs 14 times.

The key words I highlighted in red and bolded. The Islanders need an owner that cares about the team and wants to win. Once you have that, things change big time. Look around, the Colorad Rockies/NJ Devils were doormats until they wound up with a great owner, who in turn hired the right GM, everything turned around, you might even equate the Devils with the Patriots success wise (I think the Devils only missed the playoffs once since 1993). Look at the Detroit Red Wings, same thing, they were terrible doormats in the late 70's early 80's UNTIL, they got a great owner (Illitch) and a great GM, now, pretty much perennial powerhouses, and 4 Stanley Cups since 1996. It all starts with the owner, unfortunately, I don't think the Isle's fortunes will change until Wang sells, hopefully he sells it to an owner who cares and WANTS to win. Times will be tough until that happens.

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