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02-12-2013, 12:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Shrimper View Post
Would you say though that the difference in the amount of ice time that players get in nations such as France, Latvia etc is greater than Great Britain?
Ice time and number of games is only an issue at the earlier ages. When the top players get old enough to start training with the senior team they're on the ice nearly every day, and the EPL play a 50+ game season. But even then, it's only not a problem for the top players and this is why we lack depth.

I'll take the perfect example of myself and James Griffin, both nearly the same age playing for the same club.

I was on the ice with the U18's once a week on a monday, occasionally twice a week on thursday or friday.
Griff trained with the U16's and the U18's on a monday, already he's getting double the ice time I did. He was on the ice with the Wildcats I think 2/3 times a week, and on the days off he sometimes had South West conference U17's and England U16's training. He also played for both the U16 and U18 teams.

The fact he was in the lower age group being able to play up while I wasn't is irrelevant because when I was a U16 I wasn't good enough to play up anyway.

He's now playing in the EIHL for Coventry blaze, and I'm paying to play in NIHL2. As you can see the system is very elitist towards the good players, now I'm not saying focus less on the good players but the worse players need to be given a lot more coaching and support. This becomes a problem because when you watch all levels of junior hockey it's obvious that each team has a couple of players running the show, and when these guys get to senior level they struggle because they're used to being the superstar.

The Guildford junior club does a very good job of this, if they actually had an NIHL team to give some young guys senior experience and if the Flames gave more kids a chance they would be pumping out the talent, but unfortunately all they can produce right now is a lot of mediocre players.

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