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02-12-2013, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by MtlPenFan View Post
Thanks for seeing things my way.

And it's not just those two chuckleheads. You could even defend them in a way because they're essentially Pittsburgh Penguins employees, so they're basically towing the company line because I suppose that's part of the gig.

But it over inflates fan expectations, which is the reason why there's a meltdown even after a 5 game winning streak, or why Eric Tangradi making the most basic of NHL plays is met with "SEE, SEE, HE SHOULD BE PLAYING 20 MINUTES!!!" It's also why Nisky should be traded immediately because Bortuzzo and Despres haven't made a single rookie mistake and can fill in seamlessly for the playoffs.
Well I don't know if I'd go that far. I'm probably more on KIRK's side when it comes to the coach himself, but I do think the propoganda permeates itself through the entire fan base, this board included.

As for the importance of the coach, I would say that even if you don't think it matters as much as others that's still the first bold move made to try and change a team's culture. In other words whether someone feels Bylsma is a dolt or Scotty Bowman 2.0, the fact is he'll be fired if the brass feel like the team needs to go in a different general direction. I don't like Bylsma, but even if I did I'd say this should be the year a change is made IF they get bounced in the first round, in the first 2 rounds by a team they should beat, and/or the special teams are as abysmal (not bad, abysmal) as they've been in the postseason lately. It actually has little to do with my opinion of him though as hard as that might be to believe. It's just the ebb and flow of a franchise to me.

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