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02-12-2013, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
Growing up and getting married are, unfortunately, two different things

But to put a finer point on the marriage age, the average first marriage is around age 27 and 70% of couples move in together before they get married.
It's important to note that the basic argument is true though. As generations progress, they tend to have fewer kids and fewer marriages. It doesn't help that my generation (I'll be 25 this year) grew up in mostly broken homes, with record divorce rates. When you couple that with the financial crunch and the increasing cost of education, it's not hard to see the trend towards smaller living. No doubt an affordable house in the burbs makes more sense than a condo downtown, but that conversation is happening increasingly later in life for most, myself included. This is also being fueled by major changes in consumer habits, most notably how we eat. Since the 70s, there's been a very dramatic shift from home cooked meals and grocery shopping to eating out. Having a large variety of dining options available is part of the appeal dense cities have. Age plays a factor, sure, but there are long running trends at work here.

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