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02-12-2013, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
From the little i know, the North American goalie crop is considered quite strong, whilst the European contingent is considered quite weak. Of course, like most years, Good Goaltenders from this age group will be picked late in the draft or not even drafted.

If the scouts like a Goaltender, by all means, take a gamble. I'd prefer to stay away from Goaltenders in the 1st couple of rounds. Even with Markstrom, we are seeing how long Goaltenders take. Markstrom, one of the better U-20 Goaltenders in a long time, is 5 years removed from being drafted, and still isn't in the NHL on a regular part time basis yet. The development path is very long and i don't think the investment with high picks is worth it when history shows us Good Goaltenders can be found via many many avenues.

Coolburn, worrying about someones frame with only their weight data is a little perplexing. We are discussing 17/18 year old kids here. Unless you know their family history, their body type and have several viewings on how they play with their frame, i think it's pretty useless conjecture.
Yeah I think we dont need to worry about drafting a goalie until the 4th & 5th rounds. A lot of solid goaltenders were selected after the 2nd round so there's still value you. Heck Ryan Miller was selected in the 5th round using a pick we traded to them. But we definitely could use another guy in the pipeline based on how Brittain has done this yr.

Why is that perplexing though? Evaluating a prospect based on size is very common and if a kid has trouble putting on weight, it may not be any easier even as he gets older. We were also talking about power forward type prospects and if a kid doesnt have the weight to go with the height, they usually dont end up playing a typical power forward type game. We'll know a lot more if he's invited to the scouting combine to run thru the tests (particularly some of the strength ones). But if a kid who's 6'2" and only 165 lbs doesnt concern you, that to me is odd. I mean I'd be fine with him if he was like 180 lbs and that height but to be so slight of frame right now would scare a lot of GMs too if they try to play a power game instead of a finesse game.

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