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02-12-2013, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by 16 To Stanley View Post
Reading comprehension brother. He was using despicable to describe the way the team was run basically prior to the lockout and how we haven't had hard-working teams like the one we did last year for too long.

And selfish was being used in a subjective manner and I kind of agree with him. I'm such a diehard fan and was too young to really remember the 94' cup win. I want to the Rangers to win more than anything. If they do it by blowing out the other team or they do it by playing 99.9% of the game in there own zone, I couldn't care less. Winning is winning.
Read it again, he clearly said "bashing the team despicable".

It's not selfish, because that implies I'm being selfish towards somebody as if I'm preventing you two from enjoying the way the team played last year. BTW, I appreciate the fact that you fall in the vast minority of people that use the saying "couldn't care less" correctly. I nearly have a stroke whenever I see "could care less".

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