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02-12-2013, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by TheLegendkiller View Post
Doom and gloom.
Perhaps . . . but am I wrong?

Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Schenn is in no way a band-aid. He is a young defenseman with as much an upside as JvR. While JvR is having a good start to this season, we won't know who "won" this trade for years. Yes, if Schenn never gets better the Flyers will "lose" the trade. Thank you for pointing out the obvious.
Therein lies the rub I guess. I don't think Schenn is going to become much more than what he is: which in the context of this trade is a band-aid on a defense that needed.

It's not as if he has some wealth of physical gifts, or is supremely talented with the puck on his stick, and we're just waiting for him to put it together. He is an average NHL athlete (maybe a shade below average), with average puck skills. You can hold out hope that he'll become a much greater player than he is, but I'm not seeing the upside to justify that. He's not a bad player, he just doesn't have enough game to make me not regret this trade if JVR continues to play at a high level like this in Toronto.

To be fair I hated this trade from the get-go. Maybe I'm just in a rush to feel vindicated, but I don't think that's it.

Originally Posted by Snotbubbles View Post
JvR and Schenn are the same age. They both have room to grow.
Okay? None of us have a crystal ball and at the moment one of them is a much better player.

Originally Posted by CSKA1974 View Post
In my opinion, they have to be separated completely. Both of them need room and time to work their magic. They can't create it for each other and ther is not enough Simmonds or McGinn to create that for both of them

I understand that Danny is a defencive liability, but he is not a winger.
I wouldn't at all mind seeing this tried for a few games. The Briere Giroux partnership just doesn't look like a great use of the two. They each work best with the puck on their stick. This will be a lot easier to do when Hartnell gets back and there are enough wingers to split them up and still ice two good scoring lines.

Originally Posted by Ryker View Post
Who says he would've played as well if he was still with us?
Why would we assume that he wouldn't? He had been a very good, productive player every time he was on the ice and healthy here, since a little before the 2010-2011 play-offs. He hadn't been healthy that much last year, but it's not like he hadn't shown the ability to be an excellent player while he was here with us and this is coming out of nowhere with him. As I said earlier, he can be streaky, so I fully acknowledge the chance that this line of thinking looks a little foolish later in the season....I just don't think it will.

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