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02-12-2013, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
There are people with a lot more history and credibility that called out Semin. You can't isolate it to one player and disect it, the real "insiders" have said that SEmin shows up when he wants and winning is not a big priority for him.

You can't paint all Russians with the same brush, because no 2 of them are the same.

When have I ever said he was the right piece for Carolina? He would be the right piece for Detroit if he was willing to take less money, but he wouldn't.

How is Armstrong useless? He is responsible defensively, shows up every night and kills penalities. He can chip in offense but he's been snakebitten so far(numerous very good cahnces and breakaways with nothing yet to show).
Who are those people with more history and credibility?? I only know of Bradley's comments and then on the TSN free agency panel where I believe it was Crawford that ridiculously called Semin a ''loser'' ''misfit toy'' and McGuire adding ''the ultimate coach killer''. I know for a fact McGuire was basing his opinion off Bradley's words as he often repeated ''don't take it from me, take it from one of his old teammates, Matt Bradley''..blablabla
Like I said, most of it is over exaggerated and relied on the opinion of one bitter old teammate.

You didn't say he was the right piece for Carolina, but they signed him, so they must obviously feel like he was well worth the''risk''. What was the risk exactly?? You even said you don't think he's a poison, so, again, what do you risk? If he doesn't do well, he goes away next year. We should have been in the bidding right from the start.
Can you imagine, if this guy actually worked out, having him play along side a guy like Galchenyuk and possibly MaxPac in the future? That would have given us a bona fide top line in the NHL. But no, we missed out, big time. That's pretty much what was on the table here.
The upside, you get one of the most skilled player in the NHL, and in possibly just 2 years, maybe one of the best lines in the NHL. The downside, he plays 48games and is gone. Granted, we didn't know it was only going to be half a season this year, but even if it was a full one, well worth the gamble. No brainer.

As for Armstrong, he doesn't do anything. Our PK is average, it's not like he improved our PK. He doesn't even have to play on it. Plek-Moen was our best pair last year when we were #1. Eller was terrific at it too, you could have put Gionta there too as he's very efficient too. Not that Armstrong is bad or making it worse, just that he isn't really needed there. We could do more than well without him, as we did last year. We also have guys like White and Prust that can step in there too.
I certainly hope he is defensively reliable, otherwise he wouldn't be in the NHL. That doesn't mean he's playing well, far from it.
You want your bottom liner to bring something important. I thought we got him because of his grit and physicality, but he hasn't shown any of that this year.
Colby has the ability to make a statement hit in a game, or get under the opponent's skin, pest type player, he hasn't done any of this so far.

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