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02-12-2013, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Imaginary Threats View Post
Not really, it would depend where you put the team. The Panthers and Steelers already get better attendances than some of the teams currently in the KHL, with the extra funding from the league it would be very viable. But ticket prices would have to be set at the right amount.

However you are partially right, to realise Medvedev's crazy expansion plans the KHL needs to become self-sufficient in the near future, they can't survive off Gasprom and government subsidies forever
Market pennetration would be minimal. Say Nottingham moved to the KHL, well few fans outside that area are going to start following them/KHL. Media attention and TV time won't increase drastically. Guess what? Majority of people, like it or not, won't want to watch a team based in a Russian league, with no British players, in a market they don't live in. If i'm not a hockey fan, a British based KHL team isn't going to make me one.

The capital investment would be significant. Russian money, basically. You need much higher quality players, none which will be domestic by and large. Travel costs along with salary costs will be expensive. I am unaware of the size of our rinks, but 9k+ with high quality facilities are a fundamental requirement.

This project isn't self sufficient. It relies heavily on outside investment, investment which has little potential for immediate return.

You are correct in the sense that yes, the KHL structure will eventually need to change. Not for the expansionist reasons (The expanionist dreams entirely rely on this available cash flow) however. The KHL is directly related to the strength of the Russian economy and government spending policies. A crash in the Russian economy (Which will happen, given the nature of the economic system we reside under) would have a dramatic impact. For the next 10+ years, i don't see this money going anyway, but eventually it will need to reshape itself into a financially viable league. For that to happen, it needs to be gate driven ; stronger consumption spending in the country. A larger TV contract and much more significant pennetration in it's domestic markets (Moscow for example).

These romantic expansion ideas are nonsense. A KHL team in GB or France offers no financial prosperity in the future. GB as a market won't latch onto the KHL in any significant way. As a GB hockey fan, i guess it's novel and interesting if they do invest in a team here, however it's entirely perplexing from a Russian standpoint and has limited potential on our end too.

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