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Originally Posted by DrunkenHabz View Post
Armstrong should be out of this line-up. Sure he's a funny guy in the locker room but he doesn't bring anything on the ice. Also dropping the gloves once in a while wouldn't hurt, and might actually give a one-game break to Prust.

About Prust. Bergevin's best off-season signing. A warrior.

Subban and Gorges need to be paired together and face the opponent's top lines again. Enough of the Gorges - Diaz pairing, it's going nowhere.

Markov AND Subban TOGETHER for the first PP unit. I'd even let them there the whole 2 minutes if I could. Bouillon and Emelin (while pretty good in the D-zone, take dumb decisions on the PP. Have Diaz to replace one of Subban or Markov. But FFS use your best weapons on the powerplay!

One of Gallagher, Gionta or Desharnais needs to go. And let's face it, it won't be Gallagher. I don't see how it can be Gionta either (too much responsabilities with the club as of now with the rookies and everything)... as for Desharnais, as far as I know we've got to many centers and he's unfortunately the odd man out.

Still I think he needs some more time to prove himself though, same for Eller.

White needs to get back in the line-up. He must have understood by now (or what does it take?!) He would have been of some help against Toronto. More over with Moen and Armstrong sleeping on the bench.

Moen? If he doesn't fight 1 game out of 4 at least, he is useless to this team.

Talking about useless guys, Cole is slowly proving what he said at the season start, that it might be his last season because of retirement. I know he pushed that aside later on, but if he doesn't take things seriously and start playing like he should, management will show him the way out. His passing is atrocious, he dumps it softly like he doesn't give a ****. His passing to himself using the boards fails EVERY SINGLE TIME. And he floats around 'Cammalleri-style' in the D-zone. He looks drunk.

Plekanec is our best player that's for sure. I just wish he was not playing with Gionta. No offense on the captain but he is not skilled enough to be on the first line and wastes way too many shots from angles with no chance of hitting the back of the net, with weak and easily anticipated slap-shots. If Plekanec was playing with another big winger, he'd be even better. Give him Cole and see if he can get him going.

Give more minutes to Galchenyuk and Gallagher, sure their young, but they won't develop into star offensive players if you always play them safely and on a grinder oriented line. Having a chance with Pacioretty might just be what they needed.
Agree with you on Armstrong. Tho I didn't hate him as much as some people around here, White brings more to the table. I don't mind having Armstrong as the 13th forward, tho.

Agree that Prust is a good signing, but not more than Bouillon. Can you imagine Habs D with Kaberle or Weber instead of Bouillon? Scary. And I do think Therrien fell in love a bit too much with Prust. He must be kept as a fourth liner, with occasionnal chipping on the top lines. Not the contrary as it is right now.

Yes for Subban-Gorges duo.

I don't agree Emelin is good in his own territory. In fact, he's plain horrible since the start of the season. Except for the Hits.

I don't know the final upside Desharnais may have, but he certainly deserve more patience. I mean c'mon, he had a 60 points season last year! That's not something you do just with luck! Eller is so far from a 60 points season, it's not even funny. Now I do agree Eller needs more "true" chances, but he does have to sease those chances, and he didn't do that the last 3 seasons. To me, he doesn't have the necessary vision to play center. He absolutly must learn to play wing.

Habs gonna have to live and die with Cole. You don't push such veteran aside. He had multiple good seasons in the NHL, and was the best Habs forward last year. That's the type of player you keep playing, hoping he would light things up. Unfortunatly, it could be a bad season, like any player has. If you push such a player aside, you could lose your room and the respect of veterans, and even of future free agents. Bad season happen, live with it.

Agree about Plekanec. Agree about Gionta. Given the emergence of Gallagher and the fact that Habs can't afford to have too many small wingers, I'm all for trading Gionta at the deadline. He still has great value for a team heading for the cup this year and can land an interesting return without hurting the present too much.

Agree for the Gallys.

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