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02-12-2013, 01:46 PM
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Why make this subject my first post? Because my wife has MS and was diagnosed 5 years ago shortly after we arrived in Seattle which is known for specialists in the field as the Northwest is a hot bed for MS cases.

Here is what i can share from my point of view.

Josh Hardings diagnosis should not have to mean the end to his career but because he has been so recently diagnosed there will likely be moments such as this while the drs try different medications or different amounts. MS is about maintenance now which is a far cry from even 10-15 years ago. Every individual is different however so there is no generic treatement that works across the board for everyone. Once they do hit on the proper medication and amounts Josh should be able to continue his career just as my wife has hers but and this is the big but for a professional athlete, he may be fine for a year..two..even more and then the situation can change which means tinkering with medication again.

I would imagine that as soon as the team gets back home Josh will get with his specialists and a brain scan will be done immediately to see if there has been any change since his last scan and they will adjust medication according to how he his feeling and the scan. This next scan is vital though since it is coming on the heels of what sounds like an attack and the main purpose of meds in treating MS is to lengthen the amount of time in between attacks. When attacks happen they can do irreparable damage that may allow a person to function normally but would certainly be damaging to a professional athlete.

Josh may need some time before he is "right" and while the medications get worked out but i believe that will happen for him just as it happened for my wife and so many others.

Being Wild fans and a family with MS the Hards story got our attention right away. We would have already been pulling for him but now our support goes well beyond just that of him being a goalie for our hometown team.

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