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Originally Posted by Bryanbryoil View Post
Mother nature rocks, remember the spiders old friend?
How could I forget..

Flashbacks of a time gone by?
Seems like yesterday.

True, a competent or better yet elite defense sure helps to cover a lot of what ails a team.
Yeah, top 4 D needs to improve. Maybe Smid and Petry just having some fallback this year and they'll probably be OK. More the question though is whether their level of play will prove to be good enough. Thing thats happened is teams have keyed on us better and are bothering to play system to beat us. Last few seasons teams didn't even take us seriously. The positive thing is now teams do and are conscious that they need to play us harder.

Belanger has been a faceoff ace for many years, the mentor is there if the youngsters seek him out. IMO this year he seems much more entrenched in the team than he was last year.
Yep, but results take time. Both of the kids are getting harder faceoff matchups now. Thats the learning curve thats going on.

RNH's ability to stop and start on a dime and use his stick defensively gives most players fits, it is amazing how good he is defensively at this age, TBH I'm marveling at it almost as much as I was marveling at his offensive skill last season.
Smart kid that'll figure it out. He has better reach than Gagner. But Sam has a lot better acceleration now. He can close better in few steps then he used to be able to do

I was one of them because I didn't want to pay him like a 2C when he was coming off of multiple concussions.
I was half way in between. sometimes being reasonable and attributing poor play to the concussion and other times just being frustrated with a team that was in freefall. That was a tough year to be a fan.

He has been getting stronger, slower than I'd like, but there are strides being made in that regard. But even though he is stronger his faceoff % has actually tanked from a somewhat respectable % last season.
Take a look at the acceleration and quick closing on the winning goal. Wisniewski was shocked how quickly Sam read and closed at the blueline. he came along way to get there. That was fast.

You usually need a few horses to sit on the puck in the o zone to do that at times, we really don't have those guys in the top 6 right now.
Harti definitely, Yak will learn that game and he's a strong lad, Hall should adopt more of that, and all the players can play better protecting the puck. You don't have to be huge to do that just slippery. Smyth has made a career of holding in dangerous places.

IMO Petry not playing has hurt us a bit, hopefully he rebounds and comes on strong the rest of the way. Smid needs to be better as well. Whitney is done like dinner, N. SChultz is a useful player, Fistric is a role player, and J. Schultz is a stud, plain and simple.
agreed with all

It's been too long, I remember Cole's return not helping us much. Staal had to have been a force I would think, and let's not forget Ward who was solid.
Cole only played the last game or two. He was out injured for much of the series. Stall wasn't yet a dominant player but my memory could be off.

Nuge has 6, he assisted on "the great one's" 13th point
How soon I forget.

Thanks for the spade work bellagio.

Good stuff, no one ever enjoys admitting that they are wrong, but admitting it is a solid character trait.

No one wants to see Potter or especially Whitney out with their favorite players We've both seen enough Whitney for our lifetimes and a few more
Hey we all want better posters like Bellagio posting here and I like to encourage that anytime I see it. I'm not a huge stats fan as you know but theres some benefit in the details. Of course Its great when somebody does help inform and doesn't act like a stats overlord about it.

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