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Originally Posted by SnowblindNYR View Post
Ok before I write this post, knowing that this is HF and EVERYTHING written here is taken literally, so much so that a silly smiley was created to discern sarcasm, I will preface this by saying, I'm not comparing the talent level of the team I'm about to talk about and the current Rangers. That said without further ado:

The 2008 Detroit Red Wings are my favorite non-Rangers team that I've watched since I started watching hockey seriously. Most of the main board disagree with me but I think they were the best team since the lockout to win it all (the Ducks are massively overrated, they were 3rd IMO well after the 08 Wings and 10 Hawks). Anyway, that team had selke caliber players and one of the best defensemen of all time not yet past his prime. I get that we don't have that personnel. They completely embarrassed what I believe is the best Pens team since 1993. Did they run around their own zone like chickens with their heads cut off blocking shots? Or did they do it by putting together a puck control clinic? Seriously what do you think would have been more effective against that talented team? What was better defense? Would doing what the Rangers did last year really be better defense? Now we won't be the 08 Wings since we don't have Lidstrom, Datsyuk, and Zetterberg. However, if we can play a similar style, wouldn't that be more preferable to the farce we saw last year?
I just think each team is different. You can't say, we should be more like this team since they won the cup, etc. if that was true, than every single year, teams would be re-arranging there style of play to match that of the previous cup winner.

A system and game plan starts years in advance with good organizations. The Rangers, like it or not, have built and developed an organization founded off of defense. This was proven by there constant draft picks of d-men. The way they've supplemented themselves through trades. It started even before Torts joined the club. It has become a piece of the identity and the fabric that stitches this team together. Whether or not I would enjoy watching a team like detroit is irrelevant, because the rangers aren't going to get rid of a system that they've been developing for nearly a decade now.

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