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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
I'd like to see how you swing a hammer

Anyway, my point is that this "MY generation would live in a closet as long as it's above a subway stop!" line of thinking lasts up until about age 25, when the reality hits home that you can't live in a closet with 2 dogs and a baby. When people form families, they need more space. That's why suburbs exist in the first place.

I say all this having at one point lived in an urban townhouse with 2 dogs and a baby. Even though that lifestyle was fun in the short run, there are a hundred little things that make it incompatible with raising a family. It's a logistical thing, having to do with personal issues like money and transportation which are not connected to generational attitudes.
The generation of today is perfectly fine with having 0.2 kids (statistically speaking) so suburbs may on a downhill definitely. Cities everywhere are doing more and more compact building. Even Quebec City who has one of the lowest unemployment rates in North America. Constructors everywhere are buying bungalows, putting them to ground and building 8-10 condos on a 2 story building.

The problem is, back in the 80s, cities developed wide and large. They put sewers and unlimited water supply in middle of nowhere, but today, when those utilities have reached their useful age, and need to be changed, it's a hell of a pain to have to excavate 100s of miles of street roads and spend millions and millions in repairs. So cities have been waking up and started developing a bit more in their core instead of going for the big green plains on the outskirts. Back in 2000, a bungalow on the outskirts of Quebec was 120k, 150k for a nice one with a pool and big terrain. While a condo downtown was 200-250k. Today, the same bungalow is 400k and the condo downtown is 425k.

Working for a school board, I can tell you that most young families of today live in the pain life of dump the kids at 6:30AM at the kindergarten, commute to work for two hours, work, commute back for two hours, pick up the kids from kindergarten at 6pm and go home. And all that just to be able to afford that crappy 300-400k bungalow with a pool that you have time to use twice per summer.

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