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Originally Posted by Orpheus View Post
The problem with this statement is that the year is quite barren for the Wii U at the moment (of course this will change come E3). In addition to that, developers are flat out cancelling Wii U projects, and the big multiplatform games of the year are not hitting Wii U, except for maybe Tomb Raider.

So once again Nintendo is between a rock and a hard place, where they will basically be the only ones supporting their system. And it's not really a problem you can throw money at, while you can buy yourself a shoddy port of a game, devs are moving on to next gen by now. While some teams will stick around with this gen a bit longer, within 2 years the Wii U will be getting downports with cut features, except those games will likely come out on PS3 and 360 as well.

And no, the Wii U is not a value proposition for developers when even Call of Duty didnt sell much over 100k units. Shoddy ports of things that came out 6 months ago is great for people that didnt buy either of the other two systems, but that is not the market that will buy your system at launch anyways. Hardcore gamers, who are likely to own all or multiple systems are the hardcore, and baiting them with crappy exclusive third party support that the console then loses is a world of hurt.

Ninja Gaiden and Rayman are the perfect examples of this.

No one is questioning that Nintendo will bring the rain in terms of first party, and a strong first party at that. But they are losing ground quickly with the third party, and combined with a confusing marketing campaign and a relatively barren launch window (for new games because stuff like Pikmin got pushed back) means most of the hardcore are taking a wait and see approach. No hardcore means no word of mouth, means no casual people either.

Never mind their god awful online ID system that would have been viewed as archaic in 2008.

While its hard to be clear and concise while typing all this out in class, when the PS4 and Nextbox get announced or come out, PS3 and 360 will be dropping in price until they eventually hit $99. The Wii U is going to have to keep up with them, because that's its comparables. If they try to take on the superior media machines (never mind the graphically disparity), they are going to have to rely on their 1st party with slim to no third party support, not a good position to be in.
We're arguing different things here. I'm saying the sale expectations were ridiculous and people are freaking out over nothing. The U didn't sell as well as the Wii in the first couple of months -3 million instead of 3.5 million. The PS3 sold...930K in the first couple of month. The 360 sold even less. But this has been a massive failure for U?

in the end, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy on the part of industry. They work themselves into a froth over it, and run for the nearest cliff. they don't put out quality games, and then they use crappy sales of shovelware or the occasional under the radar (such as No More Heroes on Wii) to justify it.

And I disagree about it not being something you can throw money at. Bayonetta 2 isn't a port. But it was a game whose funding wasn't coming, and Nintendo was able to step in. Those are situations they can use to bulk up their gaming library, and it's something I think they'll need to exploit. And with studios crashing and burning, they should have opportunities to step in and pull more IP under their umbrella.Would those things still be, technically, 3rd party? Maybe not, but they need more quality titles.

I also think the "hardcore" are taking a wait and see approach regardless of when Pikmin is released. considering their lack of support with the Wii, and I don't think it's the death knell you make it out to be, but I do agree that Nintendo needs to work harder to make their system interesting to that group.

edit: for example of people Chicken Littling it, there's the bit in the article Habsfan18 posted about some developer upset that a title sold thousands instead of millions...when all of 2.7m million people own the console. There is probably some exaggeration going on, but expectations just don't seem to be realistic by some of these people.

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