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02-12-2013, 02:21 PM
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Best backhand in the league. If not top 5 snap shot, then definitely top 5-10 both in terms of release and accuracy. Absolutely hideous slapshot and practically non-existent wrister. Incredible scoring instincts, offensive awareness, anticipation, reflexes and hand-eye coordination, which helps him more as a goal scorer than his shot ever will. The puck is just attracted to the guy; he is always in the best position, and he flat out gets to it and deposits it faster than the d-men and goalie can think.

All in all, with the above considered, he is the best goalscorer (if not sniper) in the league. His timing is still off from when he had 33 goals in 41 games to start of 10/11 (66 goal pace, I think quite reasonable to assume at least 60 goals), but he'll get it back.

I think the most important thing here is that because he relies less on his shot and more on the above-mentioned positioning and anticipation and such (plus his physicality to gain positioning), his goal scoring will be sustainable. It's been documented that most goalscorers peak at 23-25, but I think Crosby will sustain a high goalscoring pace for a while,

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