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Originally Posted by 16 To Stanley View Post
You didn't specify. In fact, i'd argue that he had a shorter hot streak last year than the year before.

He was pretty good for the first 4 months of that 2010-11 season. Until basically right after the all star break, in february was when he dropped off.

Go look at the dates, i already did, and i acutely remember him dropping off significantly after the all star game that year which is why i was mixed up as to what season you were referencing.

I'm also still waiting on my halpern answers. You only brought up the fact that i called him pushing 40. A point that i wasn't looking to argue, but was rather just stating he is at a place in his career where he is the player he is going to be, unlike Boyle in his rookie season. I think that we can both agree on.

So please go check my boyle stats and get me some halpern stats. -31- and i are flooding you with factual arguments and you're just spewing nonsensical and untrue opinions.
So, I'm not going to start researching in detail the career of one Jeff Halpern. IMO he's a better player today than Brian Boyle. Speaking of Boyle in the 2010-11 season he scored 16 of his 21 goals between 10/27 and 1/25. So for three months he did some scoring. And that is the sum total of his offensive prowess.

But for the 30th time that isn't really the point. The point since he's a 4th liner is that his defensive abilities are overrated. He has alot of culpibility as it relates our inability to advance the puck into the O-zone and control it there. I didn't realize you were an embryo when I started this. Now I know. Stick to your opinions, I'll stick to mine. For now, Mr. Boyle is a healthy scratch.

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