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Originally Posted by Bardof425 View Post
Listen junior, the minute you type the bolded you become an idiot in the eyes of everyone who posts here. So, I'm not going to start researching in detail the career of one Jeff Halpern. IMO he's a better player today than Brian Boyle. Speaking of Boyle in the 2010-11 season he scored 16 of his 21 goals between 10/27 and 1/25. So for three months he did some scoring. And that is the sum total of his offensive prowess.

But for the 30th time that isn't really the point. The point since he's a 4th liner is that his defensive abilities are overrated. He has alot of culpibility as it relates our inability to advance the puck into the O-zone and control it there. I didn't realize you were an embryo when I started this. Now I know. Stick to your opinions, I'll stick to mine. For now, Mr. Boyle is a healthy scratch.
I've been following the Rangers since i was born. I was a fan when they went through all those crappy years right after Gretzky and Messier split up. I had season tickets since 2004.

Ribbing me for my age only shows that your argument is weak. I don't need to prove that i know a lot about this Rangers team, or hockey in general to try and convince you of my opinion. I and others have constantly stated facts. You falsified facts (i.e. a 2 month hot streak) and spewed your opinions as if they were facts to try and prove a point that you still have not.

Great, you don't want to go digging for Halperns stats. Fact is, his recent offensive stats don't match up to those of boyles. I actually think Halpern is a better fit for the team than Boyle, in this exact moment. However, I think boyle is an important piece going forward.

I simply brought up his offensive numbers because you and some select others, seem to think that the fourth line should be producing and that since Halpern is a faster skater than boyle, he is inherently better on the offensive side of the puck, which, at this point in there respective careers, i disagree with and believe i have soundly proven via facts.

Again, you can continue to reference my age, while i will continue to give you facts and you can just sit there and give your opinion. If you think i'm the one that looks like an idiot here, then you're judgement in this conversation is about as poor as your assessment of Brian Boyle as an NHL player.

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