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Originally Posted by Big McLargehuge View Post
Thoughts on Maker's Mark watering their product down, anyone?

Demand for Maker's Mark has gone through the roof over the past 7 years, so they've decided to reduce the ABV to stretch out the supply (AKA water it down).

I've never been much of a Maker's Mark drinker (I don't drink much bourbon, and when I do it's usually Buffalo Trace), but it's hard to see me buying it any time soon. Considering the move was done to help meet demand it's clear that the price won't go down, and I considered it overpriced for the quality of it to begin with.

Such a shame to see something like that happen. I'm not sure which development is more disturbing...this or Goose Island selling out. I'm leaning towards this one just because of the impact it may have on the industry as a whole...Goose Island (which happened almost 2 years ago) is a more isolated incident. Most of the good, larger microbreweries are on stable financial ground.
I think it's BS. I am part of their ambassador program (based on a tip from Dock here if I remember right) and I thought the email on Sunday was a spoof.

This decision comes to down to them making as much money as possible. Sell less until you can meet demand or raise the price. I am not THAT mad but I wasn't a big enough fanatic that I'm not going to go elsewhere from here out.

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