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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
So nobody takes runs or dirty hits at Bruin players? You should tell Marchand and Bregeron that.
Again, you cite the exceptions not the rule. Freak things happen in a high paced game, injuries to other players on teams with tough guys does not negate the fact that they can be useful.

No offense, but your perception of what a tough guy can nd should be able to do is out in left field.

Has anyone every been in a car accident with their seat belt on and still got hurt? Does that mean seat belts don't prevent injuries?

What about helmets? People still get concussions, omgz, helmets don't work, we should get rid of them.

What about smokers? Some never get cancer, does that mean smoking doesn't cause cancer? Of course not, but not smoking can increase the probability in your favor.

No one can measure what accidents are prevented by having an enforcer, or what wear and tear they may prevent over a long season, accumulative wear and tear is huge, even if it doesn't result in an acute injury. Having tough guys helps alleviate some of that pressure.

Citing injuries to key players and saying "look they had tough guys and they were still hurt, therefore tough guys are useless" is a disingenuous argument. Just because you don't see it and can't measure it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

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