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Originally Posted by chuck1984 View Post
Hey everyone!

I'm looking at getting another dog (my Boxer passed away Dec 31st 2011). I live in a condo and would rather have a lazy dog. Anyways, I'm looking for a english bulldog but all their health issues scare me... Does anyone have one bought from a breeder that you would suggest?

Thanks a lot!
I have one, i did not get him from a breeder.


1) He is lazy
2) He is smelly
3) He snores endlessly

My bulldog has had no health issues and he is getting up there in age for a bulldog (expected life of a bulldog is around 9 years)

If you can find one who's face is not overly scrunchy you probably will avoid 90% of the health problems they face.


1) He is fantastic with kids, my 3 year old literally rides him and my bulldog doesn't even flinch

2) He is loyal

3) He is smart! Bulldogs seem to get a negative score on intelligence but i disagree, at least mine is very smart. He has learned he cannot go on the couch, he has learned to do his business outside, he listens when you tell him to go lay down. in fact he listens to basically anything you tell him.

Other notes

Not sure if all bulldogs love to swim but mine dives right in which is not really a good thing because he sinks and I have had to rescue him from questionable water on multiple occasions. We bought a life jacket for him which worked wonders.


When i adopted him his name was "Mr. Higgins" at the time christopher higgins played for the bulldogs...I felt it was fate.

when my dog passes away, i will really think hard about getting another bulldog. Health problems aside they are really awesome dogs.

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