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Originally Posted by Dutch Frost View Post
This is a nonsense thread and we need to stop with these hypothetical questions.

Tavares is not a punk junior HS kid

He is an adult and a professional and above all else he has a Brand. His image is what makes him money on top of his playing on the ice. No one wants to hire a cry baby who demands to be traded to be the spokesperson for there brand.

TYou never heard Don Mattingly ask to be traded when the Yankees were under Steinbrenners reign especially during seasons 1988-1991 (before he was banned from Baseball) Some if not most of you are too young to remember just how putrid the Yankees were. The only reason to go to the game was to watch Donnie Baseball.

Back to Hockey...

Tavares knows not mess up a good thing, No one will respect him if he cries to the media demanding to be traded because we are awful. Its a character issue.
Love the Donnie Baseball comparison. I remember those teams, ouch. It always pissed me off that every game that I went to, Rick Rhoden would be on the mound. I never got to Rasmussen when he was excellent for that one season. Steve Balboni? Oh lord.

I also love the point about being a brand. It's one thing to play in the NHL, it's an entirely different thing to be the undisputed face of a franchise at his age. The Isles brand is diminished almost beyond repair, but his brand is what is keeping this team relevant. Despite all the crap that we've had to endure, his presence alone keeps me interested in the team. He signed up for this and he knew it wasn't going to be easy.

He has the chance to do something legendary and he should be well aware of it. I remember when he was drafted, someone asked him if his goal was to score 50 his rookie season. He pretty much dodged the landmine question, but he remarked about how he didn't want to put a limit to anything. That was very telling because he saw the big picture then.

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