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02-12-2013, 04:02 PM
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Originally Posted by MP View Post
All things considered, would it make sense if it were the PSU or GPU, then? Which should I tinker with first? Or is there still a software problem I should rule out?
I basically agree with your assessment, assuming there isn't something software wise you missed.

Yes, it sounds like it's the GPU crashing. You may run driver sweeper first, then try a clean driver install.

It could be a power issue, what kind of power supply do you have? If your 12v rail is failing then when your video card starts drawing heavily from that, crashing makes sense. This is harder to definitively prove though. Failing PSU's can even pass tests without the right equipment.

Do you happen to have an onboard video you can use?

Temps look okay, but 46c is a tad toasty for what is effectively idling, but still well in safe range. Stock cooler? What CPU?

Also on the heat issue, have you checked your video cards temps? HWmonitor will show them.

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