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02-12-2013, 04:05 PM
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Originally Posted by A Pointed Stick View Post
Lets start over again Gus. Maybe the recent slide and the team's inability to do anything to halt it has everyone on edge, me included. I know the checks couldn't be cut until the start of this season. I don't think they have released the details on them and may never, as the NHL isn't known for its transparency. I have personally given them until the start of training camp next year to show us, since the arena is now set, and that revenues have been enhanced, that they will stop putting saving money over helping and developing their young core. They have said they would, now is the year for them to live up to their own words. What has everyone juiced is that their first move this year was to go waiver wire picking for important players. This is followed by the TT deal at a point when we are in the playoff hunt. To many of us this sends a poor signal because the move heralds their intent to move vets for picks long before the point you would normally throw in the towel. We get that on a normal club this would be a move 'just in case.' But with the past several years dedicated to keeping salary at the floor and only moving for picks or cap floor friendly contracts when the kids need some better depth around them, the Isles have sacrificed that kind of benefit of the doubt, and if you roll your eyes on that, then we roll them back and point at history.
Hey, fair enough! That's all I was getting at. Lets give them a chance to go into an off season with the security of Brooklyn there, and see if we can do something.

And don't you like the Thomas move in terms of, if the isles don't plan on bringing Streit and/or Lubo back to trade them for younger players or draft picks? Remember we traded a 2nd for Lubo, so it'd be nice to get something back if he's just gonna end up booting at seasons end.

So it's not like it's inevitable, but if/when we fall out, it's nice to have that option.

And I know it's a lockout shortened season, but no one knows how the season will play out as the games pile up. The Isles are struggling, but maybe some of the older teams start falling apart in the next month because of the crazy schedule.

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