Thread: Prospect Info: The 2013 NHL Entry Draft
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02-12-2013, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by TatteredTornNFrayed View Post
If you reread my question, I think you are actually saying "yes" to the part about the restriction on moving up only 4 spaces now being removed?

And that part I was fairly sure of, but still wondering if anyone has seen anything on what are the odds of being the "winner" for each finishing position (.i.e. number of balls or whatever), and if that has changed at all from recent years.
I forget where I heard it (hotstove maybe) but they haven't yet decided on the odds. I'm pretty sure they said the league may get together with the PA at some point, and make the odds heavier in favor of the losing teams, since any non playoff team can get the 1st overall.

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