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02-12-2013, 04:11 PM
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I was super hyped when the season start, but now I am so frustrated that i actually made an account here to hfboards just because of it

But seriously. The team looks miserable. Only positive mentions I can think of are Bryz, Simmonds and Read. Also to some extent L.Schenn.(McGinn has also played well, but he is but a forced on substitute and we all know that)

Flyers are just underperforming in a large scale. During the whole season I have gotten the feeling that we could possibly score more than 2 goals in the Cats game only.

Our point leader is a 2/3 Line winger thats normally on the 2nd PP.
Our both core playmakers arent contributing anything on 5v5
And our PP is total and utter ASS.

Our defence has good periods of solid play, but defence does not work so that you can beast 60% of the plays and then switch to ****** mode and give a couple of soft goals a game.

It`d be important to get the attack firing on all cylinders, especially the primary scoring = 1st line, Giroux especially, most definetly the frankly - teams rarely win games when their most important attacking units suck major ass and the defence has (too many) lapses of concentration during crucial moments in the game.

Actually I don`t think the team has a shortage of heart/drive/whatever you want to call it, but that the players are trying to force the positive change through the forementioned heart/willpower when the problem is actually the total lack of cohesion and practised team effort. the problem of players skating around aimlessly will not disappear just because everyone makes more effort skate around aimlessly. It just makes the team more frustrated.

As it is at the moment the other teams will be facing a team with only secondary scoring and easy-to-predict one-dimensional defence that is not exactly stacked on talent either.

If we are to win like this, it requires way too many factors to go our way = full capacity of the forementioned secondary scoring, a good day for our defence, lack of heroics from the other teams players, not getting too many penalties... and most importantly Bryz being like a wall. And all this wont happen that often.

If there wont be a clear-cut gearchange on the offense, nothing will change as the offense has potential to be way better whereas the defence not so much.

Graah. At least I got this out of my system. Hoping....actually praying to see some good hockey against the Jets.

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