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02-12-2013, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by jimlaheyprobert View Post
lmao okay you guys can over analyze all you want, all im saying is schenns 5 years in the nhl give way more evidence of a mean streak then holzers 5 games in the nhl. You guys were probably the same leaf fans who loved schenn and praised him when he lead the nhl in hits that one year and now that hes gone completely forgot about him. Now that holzer is here and had a few good games you guy praise him, but as soon as he messed up you guys will be the same fans saying oh hes awful get rid of him. Look at the bigger picture and look at the 5 years of evidence compared to the 5 games of evidence.

and yea holzer looks real mean here when hes getting punched in the face and doesnt do a thing. I like the guy just saying hes not that mean. Unless "clearing the net aggressively is mean then yea i guess he is lol"

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