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Originally Posted by Shawa666 View Post
The asset is reasonably priced. The franchise that is. That doesn't necessarily mean that this franchise must play in Phoenix.
The asset is reasonably priced if you are QC or Seattle, but it is not reasonably priced for being in Glendale.

It's no different than a house. Why is the exact same house in City A $190,000, but in City B its $450,000? Because that is what the market will bare AND still allow the seller to sell. If the seller in City A asks for $400,000 what happens? The house sits on the market unsold for 4 seasons. Everything in the world only has value if someone is willing to pay for it.

The only reasons I see for the NHL to insist on the price of $170M are:

1- When Bettman bought the team out of BK he promised his bosses ( the owners ) that he was going to make them whole on the sale including expenses. Truth be told, IMO 80% of the other owners don't give a rat's behind about the Coyotes staying in Glendale. Maybe they did in the beginning, but after 4 years... they just want their money back.

2- The NHL is keeping the price high for the sole purpose of selling it in a relocation and have no intentions of keeping it in Glendale. They have been able to use the CoG's desperation to finance losses for two years and people's desire to get something using other peoples money ( re: Hulsizer, IEH, etc. ) to buy time until the team can be moved.

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