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02-12-2013, 04:56 PM
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Patch 1.07 was released today. Servers are still down for maintenance atm, but patch will be live when they start back up.

A brief overview:
  • Some Monk/Wizard skills/abilities were reworked (lots o buffs for both)
  • A watered down pvp mode called "Brawling" has been added. No rules, no teams, just open pvp. Specific area for it
  • A new rank of gem was added for each type
  • High level rubies are now much more potent, and are preferred for fast attack speed classes over crit damage in some cases. It's viable now
  • New craftable items that have a chance to roll BIS (shoulders, bracers, gloves, and amulet)
  • XP from higher level monster power has been significantly increased (MP1 25%, up from 10%, MP5 165%, up from 60%, MP10 510%, up from 160%)
  • Reflect damage reworked to only reflect for small periods of time, and there is now a visual when it's active
  • New crafting reagent added from inferno elites (% drop rate scales with monster power) used in crafting new craftable items/gems

There's a fair bit more to the patch, but you can get detailed information here

And now, here's a picture of my hardcore WD dinging P70

edit: and the servers are now live

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