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02-12-2013, 05:13 PM
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Originally Posted by XX View Post
The city should not be held hostage for subsidies necessary to meet the $170 million asking price. How many worthwhile investors would be willing to pay twice what the team is worth? None, and what we get is the clowns attracted to this situation thus far. The NHL is externalizing the cost of defending its franchising rights by passing it on to Glendale. An absolutely absurd and reprehensible approach, given that the city built a distressed team a shiny new facility. People here are cheering this on for some reason. QC and other markets should absolutely have a shot at a team, but not this way.

Not my intent to start a snowball throwing game with you,

Glendale's problem is not the NHL, its the lack of people in the ?&*&% arena they built.

You wanna say "not their fault, they never had a decent ownership"? Go ahead.

The NHL not dropping the price for GJ (if he did had money somewhere) is the evidence Gary Bettman throw the towel.

Whats the real value of this franchise in PHX? 20M$ 10M$ maybe zero?

The NHL will never sell the team 20M.

But if you want to get into the blame the NHL game, go ahead, and sing all together BLAME NHL BLAME NHL. At least, it won't be BLAME CANADA.

... posted with a sense of humour... with respect to XX, who is a true hockey fan, like many Coyotes fans who post here.

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