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02-12-2013, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by RandV View Post
There are frequently games on all platforms that get top review scores but don't find great commercial success. I suppose you could say Nintendo probably gets a bigger share of them, but it's not something unique to Nintendo.

Also I don't have the data in front of me but isn't the Wii-U doing a relatively good job with software sales for it's launch? I recall hearing # of games per console sale is much higher on the Wii-U than it was for the Wii somewhere.
No, the Wii U had good first quarter sales, but since then it has fallen off a cliff. If you want an example, it sold under 100k units in the UK last month, even the Vita is outselling it comfortably. Software is selling better, but even that has dropped like a rock.

That's the entire problem, in order for people to pick up the system, Nintendo needs to bring the big guns, and they simply haven't done that. In addition to this, it seems like people are beginning to find Nintendo's games stale (the new Zelda mandate covered this) so they really needed a Mario Galaxy or Mario Art or Smash Brothers to sell the system. A New Super Mario Brothers game is nice, but they've been using the "New" moniker for over 5 years now, it seems like it may be getting old.

The system isnt doomed, but its being slowly pushed to the edge of the cliff, and those of us that saw what happened to the GameCube are waiting for the other shoe to drop. As you said, this causes people to wait and see, which starts a spiral that Nintendo needs to break ASAP.

Bayonetta won't be the answer, as much as I love that game (and it will sell systems) its not a crossover success due to the skill requirement of action games.

What Nintendo really needs to do is convince Rockstar to release GTA5 same day on Wii U. That alone is 15 million plus in lost sales.

Nintendo can sell systems if they woo niche audiences like Xenoblade and those companies looking to be a bit cheaper next gen, however what kills them is that the Wii U is comparable to the current HD twins, which have at larger install bases. Once next gen hits, the Wii U will be getting downports just like the other two current systems, while the "true next gen" stuff will be PS4 and Nextbox.

The fact that this system should have been out 3 years ago and it has been horribly marketed are not helping. Third parties see this and are slowly walking away, and Nintendo needs to get them back ASAP.

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