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Originally Posted by cbcwpg View Post
The asset is reasonably priced if you are QC or Seattle, but it is not reasonably priced for being in Glendale.

It's no different than a house. Why is the exact same house in City A $190,000, but in City B its $450,000? Because that is what the market will bare AND still allow the seller to sell. If the seller in City A asks for $400,000 what happens? The house sits on the market unsold for 4 seasons. Everything in the world only has value if someone is willing to pay for it.
i think its more like a motorhome. one that can be moved. a million dollar coach parked on a lot in phoenix isnt gonna be worth much more or less than if someone drove it to, hmmm, say, quebec or hamilton. the nhl is simply pricing it based on what they paid for it as well as what they can likely get for it if someone wants to drive it up the road.

edit to add: they'd be stupid to do otherwise.

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