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02-12-2013, 05:40 PM
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Originally Posted by bigred50 View Post
So are the cars going to be just as ugly this year? I remember hearing that their would be varying aero options for this year's cars allowing for different "looks"... ?

Indycar needs to do something to revitalize the series. I used to follow CART religiously in the 90s, but I just cant get into it anymore. I live in Toronto, and I don't even bother to watch the race on TV anymore, let alone go to the track for the race. What do they need to do to get guys like me back into the series?!
It seems to me the tide is turned and open wheel is picking up steam while nascar goes down the tubes. ymmv

The split in open wheel really hurt. I became more interested in nascar at the time and less so with Indy car. But I really think open wheel racing in NA is coming back nicely. The racing is very competitive. At the same time, I'm really getting sick of nascar and their boring caution infested races. Phony yellows and even real ones make racing a joke in nascar. nascar is like the nba, just tune in to the last 20 laps for the only racing you will see all day. nascar has gone over the top trying to "create" entertainment instead of letting the racing be the entertainment.

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