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02-12-2013, 05:51 PM
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Jarome Iginla

I'll preface this with this statement. I love Iginla. I have zero issue with him and if he wants to remain a Calgary Flame for the rest of his career, he should be.

That being said, it's obvious that there's a bit of a "**** or get off the pot" feeling starting to quietly emerge around Calgary. Does he stay? Does he get traded? What is going on?! Even former teammate Rhett Warrener has called him out, to an extent questioning his "fire" - although, I understand that Rhett is trying to gain listeners to some AM radio show...

It's no secret that Jarome Iginla has been notorious for "slow starts". However, that is somewhat incorrect, as he usually puts up decent numbers in the first ten games of the season - at least, until the past 2-3 years.

Iginla's First Ten Games

2005/06 - 2 goals, 5 assists. Finished season with 35 goals, 32 assists.
2006/07 - 6 goals, 5 assists. Finished season with 39 goals, 55 assists (70 games played)
2007/08 - 6 goals, 10 assists. Finished season with 50 goals, 48 assists.
2008/09 - 6 goals, 6 assists. Finished season with 35 goals, 54 assists.
2009/10 - 3 goals, 5 assists. Finished season with 32 goals, 37 assists.
2010/11 - 2 goals, 5 assists. Finished season with 43 goals, 43 assists.
2011/12 - 2 goals, 2 assists. Finished season with 32 goals, 35 assists.
2012/13 - 1 goal, 5 assists. Finished season with.... ?

It is not because he's not shooting - right now, he'd be on pace for around 336 shots in a full 82 game season, which would be his highest total since 2007/08

Is he distracted by contract negotiations? Trade rumours? Giordano's TV ads for a rival bank?

Or is he just a power forward that is just past his prime? And can he re-invent his game to remain an above average player for the years to come?

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