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02-12-2013, 05:53 PM
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Originally Posted by The Leviathan View Post
Strong everything. Nailed it - especially the bolded.

C'mon Artmemis, you knew exactly what the poster meant. It's not about knowing more, it's about being open to possibly changing things because anyone can make mistakes (and we just happen to be discussing solutions to the problem) and sometimes it may take an outside perspective to correct a nagging problem. Perhaps there is a simple fix that they are somehow missing? Past that, your interpretation of the post you quoted was hyperbolic.

It's been 3 years of horrible play on the pman advantage and a lousy power play effects more than the amount of goals scored. Teams play other teams differently when they're not scared of being hurt by the other team on the power play. Players are more willing to take certain liberties against the Bruins because the tool that was specifically designed in the NHL rulebook to punish the other team isn't being utilized and isn't punishing the other team. That's a problem. It's been a problem for 3 stinking seasons.

If you were a public figure and were making the same mistakes for three years in a row, would you expect to not be criticized about your inability to correct yourself? Yes the team is doing great right now and an improved power play would make this team downright lethal.

Why are we not able to throw ideas on the wall here in an attempt to talk out possible solutions to something that is so very obviously wrong? It may not be correct but at least it appears like we're trying to make changes (which can't be said about the Bruins power play). When there is a will, there is a way and the corrections can be made.

I think you're a great poster on this site and for the very strong majority I agree with you on most topics. Having said that, something needs to be done about this power play and I just don't know why you think they'll continue to be fine without such a change.

Who knows, Jeremy Jacobs might be scouting the Boston Bruins HFBoards subsection like John Henry scouted Sons of Sam Horn for his lineup magician .
To reiterate, again, discussing the PP and possible fixes is fine and dandy. Where I have problems is on posters insisting the coaches are ignoramuses who should be fired, or that players need to be traded.

I have said these are talented players and knowledgable coaches, and in my opinion the major problem is between their ears. Again, I have no idea how to fix that, so I am not going to say that I do.

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