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02-12-2013, 06:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Daneurism View Post
How did Jackson Houck look?
Hardworking as always. A bit unnoticeable, but that is what happens when a player relies purely on hardwork. Hardwork is rarely noticed on a consistent basis. He has some above-average skills but the beauty of Houck is that he plays with 100% effort everytime he is on the ice, and when one of those times results in a goal, its one of the goals you say "wow, now he busted his !@# for that one!". The great thing is, you say the multiple times during the year, not just once or twice.

BUT, this is a Petan thread. Houck has his own, google it haha

Petan was great last night. 90% of the time he had the puck, he was a threat. Like Zjh said, he knows he is small so he plays small. He makes full use of his small size and ability to elude bigger players.

He attacks the zone with speed and energy, doesn't mind attacking traffic either, and makes it hard for defenders to use their size against him. He may be 5-9, but that way he plays, he doesn't matter if he is 5-9 or 6-10, players have a hard time touching him.

He is a sneaky player, likes to move around to find open areas and sneak behind defenders.

Normally, 5-9 players aren't picked in the 1st, and I am in the school that agrees with that notion. The only times they should be picked is if they are consistent, have the ability to dodge physical play, and has shown to convert his skills into points. Petan has all of this and he just may slide into the 1st round.

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