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02-12-2013, 06:11 PM
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Originally Posted by XX View Post
This is absolutely abhorrent but it appears to be the case. You have to give credit to them for playing the long game so well. They had an easy out, should Glendale not cough up that $50 million. That bought enough time to get the arena juices flowing in other markets. I'm sure they would have sold to Reinsdorf, but once that ship sailed, we moved on to plan B. At any point during this entire process, the league could have cut the price and saved several of the deals. But they aren't interested in that. They want the $170 million, come hell or high water. If they have to trash a city in the process, so be it.

Without the CFD nonsense, Reinsdorf's bid was roughly ~$100 million. I'm sure there would be plenty of buyers at that price point, given the improved situation all around. I don't know how a city can take any pledge of support from the NHL seriously after this.
On top of how big a subsidy from the city. As was stated a few times when this all started the team isn't worth 1 dollar without a large subsidy. You couldn't give it away.

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