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Player taken earlier in the draft

Richard Martin

Nickname: Rick, Rico
Height: 5'11
Weight: 179 lbs
Position: Left Wing
Shoots: Left
Date of Birth: July 26, 1951
Place of Birth: Verdun, Québec, Canada
Date of Death: March 13, 2011

Stanley Cup Finalist (1975)
Canada Cup Gold Medal (1976)
NHL First All-Star Team (1974, 1975)
NHL Second All-Star Team (1976, 1977)
NHL All-Star Game MVP (1977)
Played in NHL All-Star Game (1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978)
Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame (October 25th, 2005)
#7 retired by the Buffalo Sabres (November 15th, 1995)


Top-10 Scoring (6th, 10th)
Top-10 Goalscoring (2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 10th, 12th)


Top-10 Playoff Scoring (7th)
Top-10 Playoff Goalscoring (5th)
Top-10 Playoff Assist (8th)

All-Star Voting:

1971-72: 6th position (RW)
1971-72: 4th position (LW)
1972-73: 5th position (LW)
1973-74: 1st position (LW)
1974-75: 8th position (RW)
1974-75: 1st position (LW)
1975-76: 2nd position (LW)
1976-77: 2nd position (LW)
1977-78: 7th position (LW)
1978-79: 12th position (LW)
1979-80: 8th position (LW)

Awards Nomination:

Hart Memorial Trophy:
1973-74: 11th position (Phil Esposito) (1 point)

Lady Bing Trophy:
1973-74: 8th position (Johnny Bucyk) (17 points)

Originally Posted by Legends of Hockey
Left-winger Rick Martin was a talented offensive player with speed and a lethal shot. He played nearly 700 games in the 70s and 80s, mostly with the Buffalo Sabres.

In 1971-72, Martin broke teammate Gilbert Perreault's NHL rookie record for goals by firing 44 of his own. A few months later he was picked as a reserve for Team Canada in the historic Summit Series versus the Soviet Union. Martin dipped slightly to 37 goals in 1972-73 but his defensive play improved and he helped Buffalo reach the playoffs in only its third year of existence. More importantly, he formed the dreaded "French Connection" line with XXX and Perreault.

During the 1973-74 season, Martin scored 52 goals though the club sagged when Perreault broke his leg in mid-season.
Originally Posted by Joe Pelletier
Martin's slapshot was terrifying and struck fear in goalies everywhere.

Rick certainly was the big gun of the Sabres, and the entire NHL for that matter. His scoring resumé is impressive: 44, 37, 52, 52, 49, 36, 28, 32 and 45 goals in consecutive season. All in all Rick scored 384 goals in 685 games which makes him one of the most productive goal scorers per game in NHL history. He was also a four time NHL All-Star on the left wing.

Don't mistake Martin as a one trick pony. His two way game was always overshadowed and over criticized.

Hockey fans who remembered "Rico" can't argue the fact that he was one of hockey's deadliest snipers of all time.

-''I knew I could make the majors some day when I was 13 and I was playing in both bantam and midget leagues at the same time and I was the top scorer in both. I was shooting, shooting, shooting every day. But I liked other sports, too. I was just as good at golf and might have played that professionally. I really wanted to be an engineer. I never thought about playing pro until I was 18. I went to Sir George William University (later renamed Concordia University) in Montreal a year, but dropped out after my freshman year. The financial opportunities in pro hockey were too god for me to pass up.'' - Richard Martin

-''The only reason XXX teamed me with Gil is because XXX said I was the only one on the team at the time that could skate with him.'' - Richard Martin

-''I worked on the defensive part of my game for quite some time. I thought by the time XXX left the team (78-79) I was playing good two-way hockey for the team. But my critics didn't see it that way. I guess that I was never supposed to be in the mold of a two-way hockey player according to them.'' - Richard Martin

-''My chance had finally come to play. I finally realized how much pressure there was playing for your country. Being part of a winning team is something I'll always remember.'' - Richard Martin

-''He hit the blue-lline and he was going to find a way to put it in the net one way or another. He had this fire. Scoring was everything to him, he just lived and died for sticking the puck in the net. - Mike Robitaille, former teammate & broadcaster

-''His eyes lit up when he had those opportunities.'' - Mike Robitaille, former teammate & broadcaster

-''Martin hit me with a shot and I thought it had gone through my skin and stuck in my ribs. He's got a hard, heavy shot and I felt it for a month. It can carry your glove right off your hand.'' - Lyle Carter, former NHL goaltender

-''You make any mistake and he takes it. You let him see the slightest opening and he'll thread something through it.'' - XXX

-''He's got a hair-trigger on his shot. It's uncanny how quick he shoots that puck. It just touches his stick and it's flying at the net. Few are really quick and none are quicker.'' - XXX

- ''Bobby Hull may shoot harder than Rick, but Rick gets his shot away quicker and he's always on target with it.'' - Joe Crozier, former Sabres' Coach

- ''the greatest natural goal scorer I've seen.'' - XXXh


- From the beginning of his career to his freak, knee incident on November 8, 1980 (In a game against the Washington Capitals, Martin was racing in on a breakaway. Capitals forward Ryan Walter managed to trip Martin and no penalty was called. Capitals goalie Mike Palmateer, already way out of his crease, knocked Martin back down by kicking his knee, causing severe cartilage damage that all but ended Martin's career), Martin played 681 of his team 737 regular season games, or 92.4% of his team games

- At 21 years of age, Richard Martin was part of the 1972 Summit Series Canadian Team

- Martin holds the Buffalo Sabres franchise career records for hat tricks, four-goal games, 40-goal seasons, consecutive 40-goal seasons, 50-goal seasons (tied with XXX) and consecutive 50-goal seasons

- Martin died on March 13th, 2011, in Clarence, New York, from a heart attack while driving, a complication of hypertensive arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease


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