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02-12-2013, 06:52 PM
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Henkka- seems like these are elaborate conversations you conjured up between players and KH to make Hudler look like a bad guy. Kinda weird to bring Hudler into a thread about Semin and Carle, and quoting a post speculating about the Wings extending current players, but whatever.

Couple of things about your post:
- you forgot to mention Ericsson and his agent both passing out at the offer from KH, as he had done nothing to that point in his career to warrant the deal he got (he's playing up to it this season so far, but that was a deal based solely on potential for an experienced vet).

- Hudler was within his rights to go to arbitration- can't fault a guy for utilizing something that has been collectively bargained

- Huds didn't receive any kind of NTC, so Kenny could have moved him if he was truly that fed up with the guy

- Loyalty is overrated in pro sports, as fans want to think that players are as loyal to their team as they are (that's just not reality in the vast majority of cases). And the way that Babs would yo-yo Huds up and down the lineup, having him on a far shorter leash than anyone else on the team... I don't see why Jiri would feel he owed the Wings any favors on a contract.

- there isn't a player in any league who would take a lower contract offer from a GM just b/c the GM tells the player that he was over-awarded by an arbitrator and/or made a lot of $$ on a previous contract. I can't imagine that a GM can really use the "hey, you've clearly already made enough $$ in your career, so take less from me now on your next deal." And if a GM was going to use that tactic, you can't really do that on a mid-level player, right? It's not like Hudler was coming off of a deal like Suter's with the Wild.

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