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If the League took a LOC/loan on the $140M to purchase it out of Bankruptcy, doesn't it stand to reason that it explains why there's zero flexibility on the $170M asking price? Potential purchase price and relo aside, I mean.

Originally Posted by XX View Post
On the contrary, the NHL is nearly the sole cause of this. Glendale built the arena under the guise that an NHL team would be the main tenant, and signed the club to a 30 year lease accordingly. The NHL, for whatever reason, allowed Moyes to place the team into bankruptcy which voided the lease that the city was counting on. The league then held the team hostage, with all parties aware that TNSE was ready and willing to take a team at any point. During this fiasco, Atlanta boiled over and the NHL's hand was forced. Do we send Phoenix or Atlanta? For the sake of keeping up appearances, and with the benefit of the money from Glendale, the league sent Atlanta packing. Now they've been forced to wait until a new market is ready and willing, which QC seems to be.
I concur with the bulk of what you stated above. The question I ask of you, XX, is where or why does Steve Ellman escape blame for this? I agree that the League has done a **** poor job in majority but I get the sense, not only in your post above but a few others as well, that the chase has cut straight to the NHL and bypassed Ellman altogether.

Yes Glendale built the Job as the 'Yotes would be the anchor tenant but the arena was only a piece towards the grand scheme of things, a la Westgate. Ellman played Rock'em Sock'em with Scottsdale and they in turn told him to take a hike. Ellman didn't help his cause with his standoff-ish approach none either. To them the optics looked putrid. So various attempts to find other locations and behold, little ol' Glendale says "Over here!". Let the fleecing begin... suckers found.

Are you correct that the League does an abysmal job of consistent pulse-taking of it's troubled franchises? Absolutely. Atlanta was a perfect example. Don't let yourself be deceived however, that "For the sake of keeping up appearances, and with the benefit of the money from Glendale, the league sent Atlanta packing". It wasn't for appearances or Glendale's money.

When the bottom fell out of the ASG floor, you then had a franchise that immediately didn't have a home. With that occurence, the Thrashers immediately leapfrogged them. Clear back to 2004, Bettman should have been setting up residence in ATL to babysit ASG and because he didn't... well, the rest is history.

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