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02-12-2013, 06:58 PM
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I agree with you pretty well across the board, and would've appreciated the transparency that the NHL no longer thought it was worthwhile to support the Glendale market unless it was paid to do so, however, there's one line...

Originally Posted by XX View Post
The NHL, for whatever reason, allowed Moyes to place the team into bankruptcy which voided the lease that the city was counting on
Not to suddenly apply altruism to the NHL, but Moyes' bankruptcy move seems to have caught them as off-guard as anyone else. Yes, they were fronting Moyes some money to keep the Coyotes afloat until Reinsdorf could get his ducks in a row, but I don't think it behooves them to simply allow one of their owners to go rouge and use bankruptcy as a proxy to a sale said owner knew the league would never approve. If the league were truly as nefarious behind Moyes as you claim, the dog and pony show would've ended prior to last season, when the climate for the NHL became toxic. I feel bad for you, because Moyes was much more concerned with saving his bottom line than fostering the growth of the game in Arizona, but to believe that the NHL was the hand controlling Moyes to such a degree is a little much.

Now all that said, the fact that Moyes was approved by the Board of Governors speaks to the issues the NHL has with its owners: any member of the Rouges' Gallery has a seat at the table if they write the check, long-term interests be damned. It's funny how this situation rarely occurs in the NFL and MLB, occasionally in the NBA, and a disturbing level of regularly in the NHL.

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