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02-12-2013, 08:14 PM
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Originally Posted by eartotheground View Post
hmm, while i appreciate the non over the top approach to what your saying, the belief you state at the end is why fundamentally i disagree with so many, "what the F is the coach doing" statements.

no matter how much we think we know or see about the team we are so far removed from their day to day planning and discussion and practice that it's ludicrous to draw definitive conclusions based on the data we do have. you could say, well i can tell weather or not they suck if they lose more than they win.. sure.. but you can't say why. i deal with this regularly (i'm a data analyst) and i promise you, conclusions based on limited or poor data are worthless. of course it's fun to bandy about our opinions and thoughts, but the dogmatic side of things drives me insane sometime.

do you realize how much film these guys break down? how every goal and goal against is logged and broken down multiple shifts prior? and how about this one: when a player is not positioned, or making decisions in accordance with how he was coached to play? we just don't have anywhere close to the same dataset as the people making decisions.

I see those events mainly as outbursts of frustration more than anything. It also generally takes less knowledge and skill to criticize than it does to create or solve. Just because we don't have all the information doesn't mean we're incapable of identifying problems and/or faults, it's our solutions that are usually ineffectual, narrow-minded, or just generally crappy.

But for the most part, I agree. I wish people would give the coaching staff a bit more benefit of the doubt.

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