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12-17-2003, 02:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Corey
I never mentioned Kilger. It's a canard to bring him into the discussion. You made the comparison with Doan, a much better player, so let's stick to it.

No, I can bring anyone to the discussion if it supports my point. I want Ribeiro to become more like Gilmour, you asked me how he can do that, I replied by working out(which is the obvious way), I then mentionned some players can get a lot better by working out by citing Shane Doan as an example. You then mentionned its different because of size and draft position which is completetly ridiculous and I proved it with Kilger. The fact that you didn't mind me adding Doan to the discussion but wouldn't do the same for Kilger proves that you have nothing to reply and I bet you don't like Ribeiro and would hate to admit he could be a great player.

If Kilger worked out harder he'd probably be a good player, same with anyone in this league. Ribeiro has just started training harder since last year, he has already improved his strength, his intensity and his skating a lot in a relatively short time. I believe he can get to 180 to 190 pounds(why not? If he can't, then Hudler, PM Bouchard wont either), Sakic admitted he wasn't at his best until he reached that plateau, I believe Ribeiro can be faster, If you look at him carefully you can see he has the potential to be fast unlike some other of our players, he just needs to work at it more and get himself into some powerskating classes. I also believe he can be more intense, why not? That will come with maturity and lately he's shown a lot more then the previous years.

I don't think we're even seeing a fraction of Ribeiro right now, but the real problem is if he can live up to his potential.

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