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02-12-2013, 07:27 PM
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Fair enough then, and that goes with what Boarding said: the league is horrid at on-the-ground management. And as I said, the NHL runs into this problem far too much. That said, they didn't own the franchise, and I'd have to believe that if the league had an indication Moyes was going off the radar in order to cash in, it stands to reason that they'd step in before Balsille came sniffing. And Baum addressed the NHL's ability to prevent Moyes from putting the Coyotes in bankruptcy; IIRC, he said they had no ability to prevent it unless they owned the club in fact, not just in practice.

Now, as far as the NHL not recognizing troubled owners before they tank franchises, is there something to be done? In other words, how can the NHL learn from the triple embarrassment of Tampa Bay, Atlanta, and Glendale?

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