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02-12-2013, 07:36 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyingHigh28 View Post
You don't acquire stud defensemen at the age of 27 for only a 2nd round draft pick. He's a decent defensive defenseman, but he offers less than nothing on the offensive end. And even in his better half of the ice, he's not a shutdown master. He's an OK defenseman. Anyone who makes him out to be more is kidding themselves.

People around here do the same type of overhyping with Braydon Coburn. "Well if he could just bring it in the regular season like he does in the playoffs". "He shows signs of good offense, one of these days he's going to put it all together". Well, no, he's not. He is what he is. Braydon Coburn is a mediocre #2 or more likely a good #3 on a championship team.
You kinda took my comment on grossmann and made a whacked out assumption on what you think mine (and i guess a lot of people's) perception is on him. I don't think anybody think's he's anything more than he is and what you described. a decent defensive defenseman. but i'd add strong and consistent too. He's played a really smart and dependable game for us and has been huge at times especially against top lines and he's just had some rough games recently. i agree about coburn. coburn's hype comes from his size and the draft. I know i'm not confused about what's great and whats just good especially having witnessed greatness up close for the last 2 3 years with pronger. its been startling to watch how fast your system can become worthless when you don't have the right guys to execute it.

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