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02-12-2013, 07:38 PM
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From last thread (now closed)...

GFORCE wrote:
'' Prust went after Komarov because Komarov was running everyone. You suggest he goes quiet and lets this go, when he was brought in a team that took the resolution of being harder to play against? Even knowing he was brought in especially to make sure opponents don't take liberties on us? Smart thinking. Sure is a real winner attitude to have out there.

If sissy Moen was willing to engage physically and actually involve himself in the play, it would already be much better. If we had an heavyweight, it would be even better.

But hey. shh... shh... let's let the opponent run us over... don't wanna wake up their tough guys.

How can a team have any self-respect and win anything with such an attitude? ''

My reply!:
I didn't see Komarov running anyone (gotta pay more attention, glad Prust did). By the way...I'm a Prust fan. We'd be even bigger wussies without Prust. Thought Leaf goons were getting revenge for Prust running around (because of the score vs Leafs).

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Mrb1p wrote:
''You just said the same thing three post ahead.. Whats up?''

My reply!:
my mistake! didn't go back to check but I see it now! cheers! (editing issue or re-posted by mistake?).

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Was good when we had Staubitz...good for games VS Leafs or Bruins. (not every game).

White, Prust, Staubitz.
This would have been enough for me.
Moen and Armstrong are there...but they may have retired early from police work. I'm a huge Moen fan (playoffs warrior) but looks like Prust and White are taking over the police work. Armstrong...not sure what he's doing? Bodychecks like he used to? not sure anymore...

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